Best Friends


 (In loving memory of Rosalinda “Rosie” Saenz Soto 12/27/1959 – 02/07/2009)


Somewhere on this planet is your best friend.
                   Find that person.
                     – Omar Kiam

My best friend knows me well,
And reads me like a book.
She knows when there is something wrong
By taking just one look.

She also reads between the lines,
When I’ve got things to share.
She listens without judging me
And lets me know she cares.

She tells me what I need to hear,
I know it’s for my good.
Otherwise, I’d never change
Or do the things I should.

She laughs when I am happy,
And cries when I am hurt.
She stands firm and takes my side
When others dish out dirt.

Our friendship is forever,
It’s priceless and won’t end.
I’m absolutely sure of this
‘Cause I’m also her best friend.

Lydia Gomez Reyes


(Published in Chicken Soup for the Soul – Just Us Girls (Nov 2013), p. 81-82)

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