Fellow Bloggers – Keep Writing!

Woman freelancer, student or blogger typing on computer sitting at home officeYes, I’m talking to you!

I clicked on your “Like” button because I read every word in your post and truly liked what you shared. 

I spend an entire day each week reading blog posts. I may have read just one of your posts today, but many times I read two, three, or more that you have written.


You Inspire Me!

You are real and transparent. You share things about yourself that are interesting, personal, and vulnerable. You touch on things I can relate to. Your posts remind me of situations in my own life which I can write about.

You challenge me!

Sometimes, you are firm and share hard things. Things I need and want to hear. Things only you can get away with saying, because you speak the truth in love.

You move me!

Your passion moves me and your words cause me to ponder. The reality of what you share gets through to the stubborn parts of me and nudges me to move forward. You show me ways I haven’t considered, alternate paths I wasn’t aware of, and things I continue to reflect on.

You encourage me!

The truth and beauty of what you share speaks to my heart and makes me want more of the same in my own life. You show me that change is possible and worthy to pursue. Your words fill me with hope.

You amaze me!

You write from your heart, from your life experiences, and from your acquired knowledge. You don’t let writer’s block, political correctness, or controversial issues stand in your way. You write whether or not anyone reads it, likes it, or responds to it. You are faithful and true to your calling.

Keep Writing!

Because, I want to read what you have to share.

PRAYER: Dear God, thank you for this community of bloggers who have answered your call to write and be a blessing to others. They are priceless! Amen.


30 thoughts on “Fellow Bloggers – Keep Writing!

  1. Thanks SO much for the words of friendship and encouragement. I too receive so much encouragement, inspiration, and wisdom from my fellow bloggers. God bless, Lydia!

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  2. Thank you for sharing these warm sentiments. I feel the exact same way and I think when we visit other bloggers, we are blessing them and encouraging them and increasing the kingdom of GOD. May HE bless you and I will definitely back here and read more of yours – I’m sure I will like it!

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    • Everyone has something special to share that others want or need to hear. I love to read what everyone writes and encourage others because I don’t want them to give up. They need to keep writing ♥

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