Taking Captive Negative Self-Talk

dreadThe feeling of dread wouldn’t leave me. My mind was stuck in a rut by thoughts of impending disaster coming our way. Thoughts of us losing everything and being left alone in our time of need. Thoughts of us not being able to recover from our loss. Thoughts of being destitute and desperate. Thoughts of shame.

Fear gripped my heart. I couldn’t shake it.

What was it that brought about this fretful time in what otherwise should have been a restful and enjoyable evening?

Everything was fine until it became apparent that one of our cars was now out of commission. Unserviceable, I was told. My husband said he’d have it towed away soon.

A day or two later, my husband called me to say that our other car broke down when he was trying to leave work.

What’s going on?!

That’s when I became concerned, which led me to consider a whole host of “what if’s.”

What if we can’t get that car fixed either? How will we get to work each day? What if we lose our jobs? What if we have to use all the money in our savings? What if we run out of money completely?

One negative thought snowballed into another until it needlessly paralyzed me. Needlessly, because I know better than to allow my mind to wander like that.

I should have immediately recognized the thoughts for what they really were – lies from the enemy! I should have never entertained them any further. Instead, I should have cast down the vain imaginations and brought them into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). I should have turned my mind to the truths in God’s word and meditated on them instead.

But it’s one thing to know what to do and another to actually do it. You can know all you need to know about how to do something, but if you don’t do it – consistently, so that it becomes a natural, automatic response – you’re going to continue to struggle.

It’s a matter of identifying the underlying false beliefs, and replacing them with God’s truths.

Don’t be fooled. It’s hard work! But keep your eyes on the grand prize.


In my case, freedom from fear.

PRAYER: Lord, forgive me for allowing my mind to entertain negative thoughts. Help me to keep my mind focused on your truths. Thank you for keeping my mind in perfect peace as I trust in you. Amen.


14 thoughts on “Taking Captive Negative Self-Talk

  1. Those “what ifs” plague us all at sometime or other in this life. I really believe that is why Jesus said, “Do not fear so many times.” I thank God that He knows what we are made of. I thank the Holy Spirit who always bring us back to Christ reality where we find Peace.
    satan lives to peddle fear.

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  2. I remember a time when that happened to my husband and I. We needed to go to the store and so we walked and got our groceries. Eventually both cars were fixed, but that kind of a situation does give you pause! God really does provide, doesn’t he?

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  3. Sharing this one Lydia. All of us, at one time or another, has fought the what ifs with all the fear, anxiety and depression that come with those thoughts. And yet…God works it all out for good in the end. Sometimes the end to that situation is longer than we want, though.

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