Choosing to Rise Above

airportShe knew this was one of their responsibilities, because we went over it months ago when we first signed them on. Yet, she spent two days sending me email after email, with one excuse after another, trying to get out of it. They’re known for pulling things like this. When determined to get their way, they won’t stop until they win.

In all fairness, I’m capable of being just as stubborn, especially when I know we are the ones in the right. And since, for me, it’s all about “the principle of the matter,” it would have been very easy for me to cut off my nose to spite my face by standing my ground and forcing them to comply.

I was emotionally exhausted by the time I got home, but went through my files anyway. I wanted to find something I ready many, many years ago. I knew it would help renew my mind and refresh my perspective on things, because in the end it’s not about me. It’s about who I represent and about making the best decision to benefit the majority at risk of losing out.

I trust you will be as blessed by the following excerpt as I am.

A Demonstration of the Kingdom

One of the greatest demonstrations of the Spirit that I have ever witnessed was not a miracle—it was the demonstration of profound peace and thoughtfulness in an airline ticket line. Because of problems with incoming flights and other delays, the line to one connection had grown to many more people than could be processed in the short time before the flight was to depart. Strife and impatience were rising to the point where I seriously thought that it was going to get out of control.

At the worst possible moment, just after more bad news had been announced, two large, boisterous women, each carrying two large suitcases, started pushing their way through the line demanding to go to the front. I do not recall ever witnessing more obnoxious attitudes in anyone, much less in a situation like this. Even though they were women, I was fully expecting someone to deck them both. Then, to my dismay they headed right toward my friend who was in line for the flight. As the clamor behind him grew, he turned to see what was happening.

As others were actually beginning to jostle the two women, my friend instinctively raced to their assistance, asking if he could help them with their bags, and offering them his own position near the front of the line. This action was so contrary to the prevailing spirit in that place, that it stunned everyone. A great quiet came over the entire scene. I looked around and almost everyone was staring at my friend with obvious amazement. As he picked up his own bags and moved to the back of the line it seemed that every eye was on him. The two women were also undone by the unexpected, and unquestionably undeserved, kindness.

The agents, who had also witnessed the scene, suddenly became agreeable and somehow the flight was delayed enough to get everyone on it. I have witnessed many miracles of biblical stature, but that airport scene still stands out to me as a profound demonstration of the kingdom. As hell was fast gaining control of a volatile situation, and moving it towards potentially serious strife, it seemed that Satan brought in two of his biggest guns in the form of a couple of very bad mannered women, aimed them right at the Christian, who quickly and easily disarmed the enemy and his entire host with one genuine act of kindness. Evil will always be overcome with good.

We have been given this same power, in every situation. When strife arises in our family or at the office, we can join the side of the enemy or the side of the Lord. Who gains the victory in that situation will almost certainly be determined by our choice. If we join the Lord it does not matter if anyone else joins Him with us. One person and the Lord always make a majority. If we allow the fruit of the Spirit to prevail within us, He will ultimately prevail in any situation.                                            (MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #8, p.10)

“Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.” (Romans 12:17)

PRAYER: Lord, when dealing with those whose behaviors are anything but kind, please fill me with your mercy and grace that I may serve with genuine love. Amen.





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