Trusting God

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” Psalm 34:8 (NKJV) 

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It doesn’t take much for picky eaters to begin complaining about the food set before them. It could be something as simple as the color of the food. “Ewwwww! What are those little green things in the soup?” Or maybe it’s a particular odor. “What stinks? I don’t want to eat that!” And for others, “The juice from the green beans got under my macaroni and cheese!”

Yet, aren’t we just as picky with God sometimes? We trust Him with some things, but not with others. We question why He didn’t deal with a certain situation the way we think He should have. Or we whine about how long God is taking to answer a particular prayer.

It took me many years to learn to trust God. My life had been filled with great fear and anxiety from a very young age. As a result of this fear, I felt I needed to be in control of everyone and everything in order for things to work out well. Things had to be fixed or taken care of “right now.” My manipulation, control, and impulsiveness caused much chaos in my life and hurt a lot of people in the process.

Trusting God became easier as I learned just how much God truly loved me. He proved to me repeatedly that He did indeed work all things together for my good. My life is finally free from fear. His peace fills my heart and He is Lord over my thoughts and emotions. I trust Him with everything in my life, even when I do not understand what is going on.

In what area of your life are you having a hard time trusting God? Is it your finances, or the safety and well-being of your children? Are you afraid of the future, or are you concerned about a recent medical diagnosis? Whatever it is, stop carrying this heavy burden. Come boldly before God’s throne of grace and surrender your cares to Him. Trust Him to care for you and every one of your needs.

Prayer: Father, thank you for loving me unconditionally, delivering me from the stronghold of fear, and for filling me with a peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen.


7 thoughts on “Trusting God

  1. I found your piece on, trusting God, quite interesting and helpful, I was needing encouragement and your little article was something I needed, thanks, Lew


  2. Thank you for your message–it helped me understand that fear and anxiety can lead to a controlling nature. I am so guilty of that. Trusting God is the only way to peace of mind.


    • Amen, Kathleen. And while it often seems “easier said than done,” don’t give up! Learning to trust God is an ongoing process. As you continue to grow in your trust in Him and truly believe He works all things together for your good, you will experience the freedom that comes as a result of allowing Him to be Lord over every area of your life. God richly bless you!


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